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Stokes Audio Recording & Post was founded by Joseph E. Stokes in 1999

Stokes Audio is a sound recording, editing and mixing company. We can perform a large variety of services for virtually any project that involves sound.

Company History

Joseph Stokes worked for several years in theatre as a stage manager, in corporate television as a producer and later as a visual effects production manager for Pacific Ocean Post (POP) on films such as Independence Day, What Dreams May Come, and Star Trek: First Contact. Joe found his passion and decided to focus his talents in post-production sound.

The first incarnation of Stokes Audio was in Joe's spacious West Hills home where after six plus years of growing his business, the business outgrew his home.

Stokes specializes in Post Production Sound and Video Editing. Our services are geared toward projects for the radio, gaming, television & commercial, and independent film industries.